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This web site is a presention of my interests in electronics, computers, music, ideas & thought. A website blog type thing; html pages created using KompoZer with flash object menus and media players. Eh, the overall look is a little out of date with current webpage standards, but creating the site myself with what I comprehend and can use is part of what I am doing in building this website of mine. Here on this page of my site, you can find a link to everything I have posted. I have always been involved with computers, electronics & music. I enjoy building this website from scratch. Here is to the sharing of information. We should all present our collective knowledge. Here is to Net Neutrality. If you would like to leave me a comment, have any questions or wish to contact me, click on the contact menu option.

Here on my site you will find...

Computer Technology & Services Provided.


Computer services rendered

Vintage computers

Music & musical instruments.

Hardware found in my studio

Home Studio Detailed

Music by MiKelleY

my modular synthesizer

A tribute to the 90's Florida EDM

DIY Projects

SoundTracs Topaz Project Pages

Soundtracs Topaz Introductions

Soundtracs Topaz Electronics

Soundtracs Topaz PSU project

Soundtracs Topaz VU meters

Tech & rants on creating sounds, synthesizers & music.

Introduction into sound theory

Synthesis, a presentation of the various types sound synthesis.

Foundations into the math of sound

A timeline to the History of Electronic Musics

Papers, tech research, books & articles

Now & Then I have something for sale, or try to move some of my old stuff.

Welcome to my music store

Welcome to my garage sale

Resources, links & youtube channels that I have found useful & entertaining.

My links page

OSW News

OSW Radio


You can contact me or leave comments here on my site.

My contact page

Thank you & Enjoy!
- This website is constantly in a state of construction...
somethings just might not seem right.

One issue in the design of this website that continues to give me problems is a scaling factor of my flash menu to the web page content. I have noticed on different monitor displays that you may have to adjust (zoom in or out) to set the flash menu to the correct scale. While the flash object and the web page each have been set to auto center for some reason the two don't seem to be cooperating with each other. If you think you might be able to help me with this issue, please email me. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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