An Electronic Career 1989-2012

I have, for over twenty years
provided work in the IT field as a computer service manager & network project engineer. I have experience in a wide range of electronic technical services; technician employee management, computer construction & repair, electronic & technical applications, application development & deployment, facility wiring structures, computer facility building and multi-facility networking for both VoIP & data networks.

My professional career started while still in college in 1989, participating in technology management and services to large UNIX, XENIX & AppleTalk business networks in both North Florida & Seattle Washington. While in Seattle I was employed by a UNIX service firm & was also employed as the Systems Administrator for a telemarketing agency. My career over the last 13 years has been the Systems Administrator and manager of the technology employees for a 16 facility Microsoft Windows health care network covering North Florida.

I have built custom networks for multi-location health care centers, hair & spa salons, night clubs, veterinarian, concert performances and retail chains. I build & deploy into my networks 32 & 64 bit rack mount servers & workstations, and design networks with security in mind. I offer data recovery and forensics services for damaged hard drives helping your business get back on its feet after a crash, and can certainly identify the best possible backup solution that fits to your system's needs. I'm driven to continue my professional and personal development & always interested in working closely with others to use the skills I've acquired over the years as a technician.

old unix poster

I also provide services in the areas of digital audio, restoration of vintage keyboards, synthesizer maintenance & pcb to component manufacturing. I'm an experienced technician with diverse experience able to troubleshoot, repair & maintain components within the networking environment & apply modern technology to a number of application & situations.

Please email me and let’s talk about the technology services I can provide for you.

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Saint Augustine, Florida