Project IO


a synthesizer expansion cabinet

This project is the building of an expansion cabinet for my modular synthesizer. Available on the website are DIY designs for a 22 space long cabinet that you can build yourself. My first step in redesining the online DIY cabinet, was to increase the overall legth so that my two P22 cabinets could comfortably sit on, and not so large that it wouldn't fit onto the stand that I am using to prop my whole modular system up. I ended up making two cabinets one grey, the other white. To give you an idea of the cost involved, I was able to make two 23 unit space cabinets for the cost of one factory made cabinet found on-line.

cabuild01 All the parts for the cabinet where bought at Lowe's, except for the rubber feet, that were bought on-line.

Parts needed to build cabinet.

MDF boards
1/4" trim, 2 long sticks cut to length
lots of wood screws
2 Black handles for the sides

14 metal brackets per cabinet
Black, Grey & White paint
cabuild02 cabuild03
cabuild04 cabuild05

io cab 01

cab wires

io cab09

oscope 02

oscope03 oscope01

io cab10

cab rear

final cab cat


Saint Augustine, Florida