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My Modular Synthesizer

This is a powered system. The dotcom portable cabinets as well as my home made cabinet house modules by Roger Arrick, other manufacturers & designers. This first picture of my synthesizer, showing just the portable cabinets on the stand is home to three oscillators, three envelope generators, five filters, two amps and the Klee Sequencer. The stand is a modified office desk and has been reinforced with IPE lumber to securely support the whole current system, seen pictured below. On this page you will find a complete inventory of the modules from left to right, top to bottom, from cabinet one to two, as well as my home built expansion cabinet just as they are installed.

The modules found in cabinet one...

Q106 Oscillator
Q141 Oscillator Aid
Q106 Oscillator
Q106 Oscillator
STG  Mankato Filter
Q107 State Variable Filter

Q104 Midi to CV Converter
Q117 Sample & Hold
Q105 Slew
Q124 Multiples
Q149 Signal Selector
Q110 Noise
Q109 ADSR (jump'd for long)
Q118 Instrument Interface
Q130 Clipper Rectifier
STG  Sea Devil
Q137 Power & Control Interface

The modules found in cabinet two...

Q150 Transistor Ladder Filer
OAK  Equinox VC Phaser
M910 Multiples
SEQ  Klee Sequencer v2
M190 VCA / Ring Modulator

Q103 DC Power Interface
Q109 ADSR (junp'd for long)
Q127 Fixed Filter Bank
Q113 8 channel mixer
Q108 AMP
Q111 Pan / Fade

Modules found in long grey cabinet ...

Q960 Sequencer Controller
Q962 Sequential Switch
565v3 Moon Quad Quantizer
565D Moon Quantizer Control
M910 Multiples
M552 Moon Volt to Midi Converter

70B Modcan Triple VCO
M310 microVCO
Duel CGS Ring Modulators
Encore Frequency Shifter
STG Wavefolder
69B Modcan Scanner
TLN-904 Veeblefetzer
DJB-019 Oscilloscope

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Keyboard Controller
(see picture below)

1982 Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

6 Voice Polyphonic Analog

2 Oscillators - LFO - Filter - VCA - ADSR
2 Track Sequencer - Arpeggiator - Midi

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My whole system is powered by two QPS1 (dotcom) power supplies. One QPS1 in the left top P22 cabinet and the second in my home built expansion cabinet. Available from many of the manufacturers are adaptors for their modules to connect to alternative power system formats. You could DIY up a breadboard adaptor of your own to connect modules up to a synthesizers dotcom QPS1 power supply or other power source. If you have any questions as to the power connection requirements for the other modules & how to integrate them into your system please read this article.

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