Mike's Music Collection

Using YouTube and the massive collection of full album presentations found within, I have put together channels grouped by band, artist, 
 genre or mix. Because I travel alot, I have found this a great way for me to take along with me the music I enjoy listening to on my iphone,
 without having to buy or download individual tracks or whole albums. Using my website as a access location for this collection rather than
going through my youtube account, I have found that it blocks all advertisments and the video's ad markers. On my iphone I use
 PUFFIN as a internet browser, and set a bookmark to this page. It works perfectly for accessing the music without having to go to youtube.

Allan Holdsworth


Steve Vai

70s Music

Frank Zappa

Heavy Metal

Jean Luc Ponty

Trucker Country

TEXAS Flood : Eric & Stevie

New Wave

Audio Books & Radio Shows

60s Music

Electronic Music

House Music

Tangerine Dream "Live" Tapes

Tangerine Dream Records


Pink Floyd

Donald Fagen

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