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I like to watch these youtube channels in no particular order.

This collection of youtube is of favorite TV shows and special interests that I have grown up with. Lots of Science Fiction here. When working on projects I like to have one of these channels playing in the background. Enjoy!

Space: 1999
This was a British science-fiction television series that ran for two seasons and originally aired from 1975 to 1977. In the opening episode, set in the year 1999, nuclear waste stored on the Moon's far side explodes, knocking the Moon out of orbit and sending it, as well as the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, hurtling uncontrollably into space. The show had only two series.

Project U.F.O.
Project U.F.O. is a late 1970s NBC television series which lasted two seasons, from 1978 to 1979. Based loosely on the real-life Project Blue Book. The show features two U.S. Air Force investigators with the Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson AFB, charged with investigating UFO sightings. In retrospect, Project U.F.O. anticipated many of the themes of the X-Files, which aired 14 years later, but without the latter show's romantic subtext or its anti-government (or, for that matter, its anti-alien) paranoia. As with Blue Book, many of the UFO sightings on Project UFO turned out to have conventional explanations. Some, however, were left unexplained, and suggestive of alien contact. By the second season, the investigators had themselves experienced a UFO sighting.

Saturday Mornings
The channel is a collection of cartoons that remind me of the best of what I used to call Saturday Morning Cartoons. Between 1960 and the mid 1990s, before 24 cartoon netwrok programming found on cable, every Saturday Morning you woke up to a wild presentation of cartoons and animation.

Vintage Memory
This channel I have put together is a collection of stuff that I remember vaguely, memories of shows or commercials or news that I first seem to recall seeing as a child.

Trucking Movies
Just like the title says...movies either with or about a bunch of truckers & their rigs.
Goodness sakes alive looks like we got us a bunch of truck movies. Let's Roll!

The Invaders
Roy Thinnes stars as architect David Vincent, who accidentally learns of a secret alien invasion already underway and thereafter travels from place to place attempting to foil the aliens' plots and warn a skeptical populace of the danger. As the series progresses Vincent is able to convince a small number of people to help him fight the aliens.

Television Mixer
A collection of various TV shows; The C.A.T., Battlestar Gallactica, The Pheonix,
The Starlost, Are you being served, ARK II and more.

Movie Mixer
Full strange & rare movies. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Beastmaster, Salvage1, the Hitcher & GOR.
Plus many other odd flix.

The Red Green Show
The title character, Red Green (Steve Smith), is a handyman who tries to find shortcuts to most of his projects, trusting most of his work to duct tape, which he calls "the handyman's secret weapon". He is the president of the Possum Lodge, a fictional men's club in the small northwestern Ontario town of Possum Lake, near the also-fictional town of Port Asbestos. He and his fellow lodge members had their own TV show in which they gave lessons and demonstrations in repair work and outdoor activities, and advice for men. This show was just ridiculus. Sometimes we all can use a little ridiculus.

"She might not find you handsome, but at least she'll find you handy." - Red Green

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