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Welcome to my presentation of recorded synthesizer performances, live electronics & collaborative musical efforts. Just power on the audio player & start listening to this collection of music I have made over the years. The first tracks on the list are the more current works, while those that follow are much older. All of the tracks were recorded & mastered at my home studio. The music was recorded directly to Tascam TSR8 Reel to Reel, Sony DAT or Korg d888; & record to Windows 7 using Steinberg Wavelab or Reaper for multi-track. More recently all of the recordings have been single take performances, recorded directly off of the Topaz to the Korg d888, "the Korg d888 has near perfect RMS balance on playback and maintains this very well in stereo panning". From there the recordings go straight to the workstation via optical at 24 bit 44kHz. The mp3 files heard on my site player are 16bit 44kHz.  Sometimes when I remaster, I run the wave file through this process again. Now & then I remaster one of the older pieces and replace the current tracks with the new version. Thank you for enjoying my music & turn it up! Music is at it's best when it shreds your speakers!

Audio Player Tracks
Trk#   Song

   01         the yesterdays - 2015
sample ---> Z plane filter

   02         channel 13 - 2014
arpeggio atmosphere

   03         Skywords - 2013
synth noise

   04         shadows - 2012
                modular & Roland JX8P synthesizers
   05         pure -
                random CVs to wavestation

   06         Chrysalis -
                puredata live

   07         The Coil
- 2010
                max5 on drums, me on bass &
                our parrot Mc JagUR singing lead!

   08         Threads of Noise

   09         B4 - 2008
                modular synth performance

   10         Escape - 2008
                tribute to John Carpenter & Alan Howarth

   11         Voltasaur - 2007
                modular synth performance

   12         Frequency creatures - 2007
                modular synth performance

   13         February - 2006

                Big Synth Organ!

   14         Contact - 2006

                a downtempo electronica anthem

   15         Deltawave - 2005

                analog sequence w filter

   16         Traveller - 2005
                drum machine break w/ synth

   17         Apparition - 2004
                one oscillator & one filter

   18         Wink of an Eye - 2003
                two coordinated drum machines

   19         Red Water - 1996
                PinGoIn, An electronic group I was in.
                w/ Stacey Meyer, Nathan Marsh

   20         Davi's Dream
- 1995
                PinGoIn, While I was living in Seattle.

                    w/ Stacey Meyer, Nathan Marsh

   21         Shore Sounds Strange - 1994
                tape music worx

   22         Forever Falling - 1993
                Guitar solo on drum & bass machine tracks.

   23         The Elephant's Back - 1993
                (random measures)

                Composition was program generated.

   24         Rising Sun - 1993

                A Chance recording in Ponte Vedra
                     - vector wavestation synthesis

   25         soundscape - 1992
                A Chance recording in Gainesville

   26         Swamp Gas
- 1992
                (random percussion melodies)
                Composition was program generated.

   27         Ducks Pond - 1991 (chaos random)
                Composition was program generated.


Photography by
Mark Hilpert



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