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Transaction Basics

1.    Please email me pertaining to the transaction before sending me money.
2.    Any hardware repairs or component builds will require you to cover shipping cost
       both ways.
3.    On all hardware related repairs sent to me there is a non-refundable $45.00
       "examination" fee.
3.    Shipping costs will be covered by you or charged to you on the first transaction.
4.    All transactions are through PayPal , money order or wired bank transfer.
5.    Shipping costs will be calculated during the email transaction.
6.    I will guarantee correct packaging or repackaging for shipping.

Shipping and Payment

For your convenience PayPal is accepted.

Please send payments to my paypal account  em01

If you need email me at that address.

I have to calculate shipping per transaction. Items are sent by uninsured mail. If you require insurance, please specify when you email me. Insurance will more, depending on the estimated value of the goods being shipped from you to me. Some destinations are not insurable - e.g. Canada and Germany - due to the policies of the respective countries.

My primary email address for this site is  em02 

Shipping to Specific locations Shipping to places like Canada & Germany, should be registered with delivery confirmation. A surcharge per order will apply to all orders. Higher rates may apply to transactions.

I cannot replace missing goods, or items lost in the mail, free of charge.

Any customs fees or taxes that such a purchase attracts are the sole responsibility of the purchaser to pay. If such fees or taxes are required, you will be responsible to pay them. Shipping inconveniences & charges are your responsibility.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges and rates are changing almost every 3-6 months so you must contact me via email. I reserve the right to correct and resubmit to you any remainder owed for shipping that has not been paid for in a paypal or other transaction. Please note, just for reference...

These are shipping charges for just a single CD mailed from Florida, through the local UPS store.

Florida Residents : $2.50
USA other than Florida : $6.00
South America : $10.00
Great Britain : $12.50
France, Germany, Netherlands : $17.50
Russia & Asia : $20.00
South Africa : $25.00

Shipping rates can differ dramatically from store to store in my area, so please email me when it pertains to mailing and shipping costs.

A single CD is only 4oz, heavier packages will indeed require higher shipping charges.

I am not responsible for uninsured goods that are lost or damaged in the postal system.

Thank you for your business,

Mikelley, January 2015

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