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Saint Augustine's Synthesizer

Studio Equipment

AKAI s5000 sampler
Art TPSII tube preamp
B-52 Vortex sound system
Behringer EuroRack 1602
Behringer Virtualizer Pro

Behringer XENYX 2442fx
Behringer XENYX 1202fx

DigiTech Legend II guitar preamp
Dave Smith Tetr4
E-mu XL-7
Fostex 3180 spring reverb
Korg D888 digital studio
Korg Poly61
Korg Wavestation EX
Korg Wavestation SR
Lexicon MPX-1
Novation SuperNova
Roland JX-8P
Roland RS-09
Sequential Circuits Pro-One
Sequential Circuits P600
Soundtracs Topaz Mixer
Tascam M1508 mixer
Tascam TSR-8 reel to reel
Waldorf MicroQ

Complete synthesizer listing.

DAW Hardware & Software

Quad Core Intel, Window7 workstation
 - rackmount cpu located at base of rack

Creative Soundcard with optical in
PureData & Max5 MSP
REAPER multi-track recording software
Sony DTC-59es DAT
TASCAM  US-800 USB interface

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modular synthesizer

The Soundtracs Topaz
topaz 32
32 channel Analog Recording Console

The Modular Synth
Roland JX-8P
E-mu XL-7


Synthesizer Rack

Akai s5000 sampler
Novation SuperNova
Waldorf microQ
Korg Wavestation SR
E-mu Ultra Proteus


mixer synth

The UPS system for my studio is currently three APC XS1500s supporting the power conditioning & battery backup.
Which yeilds about 45 minutes of full system operation in the event of a power outage.

The youtube channel above contains tutorials on many of the software
products I use in my studio setup. Reaper, MAX MSP, Csound & PureDATA.


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Saint Augustine, Florida