Soundtracs Topaz

• All outputs More than +22dBu

• Microphone (Gain 55dB) 10Hz-40kHz, +0dB, -1dB
• 8Hz-100kHz +/-3dB

• HF 12kHz +/-15dB
• MF1 350Hz-8kHz +/-15dB
• MF2 50Hz-1kHz +/-15dB

• LF 80Hz +/-15dB
• HF 12kHz +/-15dB
• LF 80Hz +/-15dB

• Mic input equivalent (150ohms) -129dBu
• Line input equivalent (50ohms) -95dBu

• 24 channels routed -84dBr
• Signal Crosstalk better than 100dB at 1kHz

Company History

Soundtracs was formed in the early 1980s by a group of recording engineers.
The Soundtracs Topaz was produced between 1994-1996.
DIGIco was formed in 2002 with the purchase of the Soundtracs Corporation.
The Soundtracs Corporation was purchased by some of it's own engineers.
Unfortunately support by DIGIco for the Soundtracs products has ended.

digtrc   digtrc2

This is one of the first Digico boards DS-00, even bears the name Soundtracs.

Patch Bay Design & Setup

These photos came from a Soundtracs Topaz eBay auction in the UK. The side rack patch bay is beautifully wired to all of the Topaz' rear TSR 1/4" INs, OUTs, INSERTs & AUX FX SENDs & RETURNs. Microphone XLR patchbays are available and could be wired up to the Topaz as well, bringing forward all of the rear connections of the mixer for easy access and studio flexibility.
These images can be used as a guide and example to anyone wanting to undertake the expansion.

tpatch1 tpatch3 tpatch4
tpatch2 tpatch5 tpatch6

Soundtracs Repair Services

Studio Systems
The Soundtracs Guy

If you are looking for qualified service and assistance with your Soundtracs Topaz, in the UK contact Tim at STUDIO SYSTEMS or Steve, THE SOUNDTRACS GUY here in the USA. Tim of STUDIO SYSTEMS has produced this great video demonstrating how to open up your Topaz mixing console for repairs & service.

Soundtracs YAHOO Group

A great place to meet other Soundtracs users, share ideas or get help with all things Soundtracs,
and specifically the Soundtracs Topaz Mixing Desk.

Console Body Work and Repair

Abrasions, Cracks and breaks can & will happen to your Soundtracs console. I have suffered all to both my console body and to the sides of my meterbridge. If you are looking to repair the body blemmishes and want to get that smooth finish start by filling those cracks and such with an epoxy. I have used over the years a number of epoxy products for plastic and automobile repairs, which for the most part all work fine for a plastic or fiberglass repair. I am currently using J-B Weld, which you can easily find on eBay or the net. It's a solid product that drys and cures to a steel gray color. The epoxy needs to set for about 24 hours, after which it is easy to sand and smooth down with a fine grit sanding paper. Once it has dryed and cured & the roughness sanded out, you can paint right over to give your self an almost factory restoration to the damaged area. If your not in a rush and can take the time an epoxy fix is sure to please.

In some damaging situations, plastic chips, bits or even somewhat large pieces may even break off your console's body. If you can find these pieces, I recommend glueing them back in with a strong plastic modellers glue. After the piece has dryed, fill the surrounding cracks with epoxy, let sit, dry and cure over the next 24 hours. Then sand to smoothness and apply paint. Even large breaks can be restored to good condition.

Finding the paint to match my Soundtracs Topaz grey was a bit of an effort. I found that a build up of three model paints gave me the best result. I brush on and apply these three colors in this order to get a final result which I feel closely matches the Soundtracs paint used on the Topaz.

apply 1 : Model Master - enamel paint - Gunship Grey -FS35118
apply 2 : TESTORS - Acryl - Flat Olive Matte - 921570
apply 3 : Model Master - enamel paint - Navy Agressor Grey - FS36251

Each paint is brushed over the dry, sanded epoxied abrasion then allowed to dry, before the next coat is applied.

My Soundtracs Topaz is the Miami Vice color scheme. The console body and meter bridge panels are a sort of moon grey. Which seems to have a slight purple hue on a quick glance. This body panel color may differ from the Project 8 or JADE color schemes. While I have always thought the three greys found on these boards closely resemble each other in color, they may not. In my attempt to find the perfect match for my Topaz, I played with a number of different colors for the 2nd coat, and eventually rested on the TESTORS Acryl "Flat Olive", which if you saw the color by it's self resembles more of an exteremly light concrete color than green, for which it's name might suggest. I think anyone would approve of my Model Master enamel paints, which together look to be spot on for the Topaz grey. It's just that blue purple hue that I seem to see reflecting off the surface that has led me to try other colors in the mix.

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