Florida EDM Tribute
an extension of my Electronic Music Timeline

" The Introduction "
1990 - 1991 I was a witness, a participant, an observer & a enthusiast to this musical cultural event.
For that is what it was, a merging of elements both technological and cultural. This was "Rave Culture".
As part of my continued studying of the history of electronic music I felt compelled to elaborate on
this event because I was a direct participant & observer to it's public display. I would probably be just
as compelled to author something on the 60's music scene had I only been a part of it. While I do
consider myself a musician, I was never a DJ, yet as a musician who has been interested in electronic
and computer music, I couldn't help but to be drawn into this musical movement that would soon take
over the world. This page of mine is not an attempt to found Florida as the beginning of this global event it is
 merely my attempt to illustrate a part of Florida's history in a collage format. Drawing from a number of articles,
flyers and mixtapes in order to help me piece together what I remember of my experience. For those
of you who find this page, and where not in Florida during the early 90s, I hope this page adds to
your current knowledge and history of the global EDM movement. For those of you
who find this page and did experience the Florida EDM scene of the early 90s, I hope it brings back
the memories of a great time it was to socialize, entertain and enjoy the music spun by the Florida Djs.
This page is by no means complete, lets just say this is as far as I got.

"it's a fine day" - 1983

flyr from Tampa 1991


Michael Clegg at 54 was living high on the hog – private planes, boats, a mountain top home in Costa Rica.
In March of 1992, Clegg is arrested by the DEA and sent to an overcrowded county jail in Jacksonville, Florida. Clegg will have to survive there for two years while awaiting sentencing. Michael Clegg is convicted of the manufacture of an illegal drug called Ecstasy. While it is true that Clegg did manufacture the drug along with partners Walter A. Franz and Bud Franklin, but by this time in his life, he was living off of the money he had made as a dealer distributor between 1984-1989 when the drug was legal. The Feds make it clear that they are going for life without parole. The DEA takes all of his possessions, makes many attempts to get at his ex-wife and puts his daughter into an orphanage. Michael Clegg is considered the first dealer of MDMA in the United States and a trafficer of the drug into Europe. In 1984 Clegg was delivering half a million pills a month to the Dallas area. He will be held in the Jacksonville prison (1992-1994), while awaiting sentencing. After a drawn out court battle, Clegg is sentenced and moved to Lousianna to spend three years at the Terminal Island Prison. He leaves prison life (97-98) under a new name, Satyam Nadeen. Michael Clegg is to the global rave culture, what Owsley Stanley was to the Haight-Ashbury culture of the mid 1960s. Both men manufactured, sold and distributed recreational drugs before they were made illegal by the DEA. Both men will live out the rest of their life on the run after the drugs are made illegal. It is understood that Ecstacy and lsd were primary ingrediants to these global social cultural movements. It's ironic that while Floridians were partying, dancing and grooving away in the early 1990s , Michael Clegg was in a Jacksonville prison cell.
JJacksonville, Florida

This flyr is from Jacksonville's Club5 in 1992. During the same period, clubs Carousel, Euphoria & Paradome (eventually DV8) were throwing down in North Florida. Bruce Chambers from New York, buys Club5 in 1997 and sets up DJ Keoki as resident. Bruce Chambers will trajically die. The club will be sold by 2002.
       Jax Mixtape - 1995

Orlando Zen - 1996
Orlando Zen - 1997
Considered by many to be the end of the Florida scene. Anti rave laws in Florida go into effect after 1997..
JW Player goes here
more txt in this area.

more txt in this area.


Orlando flyr - 1992

Orlando clubs; The Edge, Barbarella & the Abyss will cater to a wide variety of local talent. Djs
D-Xtreme, Icee & Stylus will found the Florida Breaks Skool at the Abyss. Icee will produced countless vinyls on labels like
TREE, ZONE and many others.


Gainesville, Florida

rflyr simon

Simon's - 1996

Simon's in Gainesville, Florida, openned in 1990 started out as a private club. It will go on to host the most slamming after hours parties of the scene. Remember those Andy Hughes Birthday parties, The roof top gatherings and let us not forget those that never came back after heading for the loft
. Despite its scene, the club shut down in 1999.

You are about to whitness the strength of Bass, BasS, BaSs,bAsS......listen!
the Xperience
diary 90s entry...
1991-92 The first thing that I remember is probably what everybody was saying, "that DJs were matching beats to this techno style of music and that the music never stopped". I had family in Miami, and frequented a number of South Beach Clubs throughout the 80s, but this non stop techno vibe was no where to be found. I was hearing about this sound out of Tampa & Jacksonville. I had attended SPJC in Clearwater, and friends I still kept in touch with were saying, "dude, your missing it, DUDE! Your Missing It!".
diary 90s entry...
1993, I was at Coconuts Records and Tapes in Jacksonville, when I saw three very pierced elves wearing uber baggie jeans chained together. With the last elf bringing up the rear donning wings on her back. I was certainly familiar with the punk scene, but this was something very different. The three elves were inquiring about a Keoki party in Orlando & then drove off with that very non stop music everybody was craving. Booming.
diary 90s summary...
From summer 1993 to summer 1994 I became aware of, made the journey and attended events at Club5, Euphoria & Carosel in Jacksonville. Clubs Infinity & The Edge in Orlando. The Masquerade and the Impulse in Tampa. These were my summers of love. Coming of age in a very electric club culture. I was 26 yrs old.
diary 90s summary...
I attended the XMAS raves in 1993 & 1994 at the Orlando Convention Center. Met Dj Bob Day at XMAS 1994 and first took notice of what was going on in this new music scene and you could certainly see the potential, as to where it was heading.
90s conclusion...
What ever I was before, I was now a raver by 1995. Without getting too heavy or bold in attempting to say something about the scene back then. With out trying to say something profound, I'd just like to say this, "travelling up and down I-95 or across the I-4 corridor at all hours of the night to find the next party was just over the top FUN!".

Melbourne Florida
where it all began!

DJs; Andy Hughes, Dave Cannalte & Chris Fortier all grew up in Melbourne, Fl.. DJ Bob Day worked at radio stations 89.5 & 107.1 supporting progressive & techno music, of which Andy Hughes was a part of. In the late 80's & early 90's, you could find all of these DJs spinning away at dance clubs in Melbourne & in Coco Beach's club MARZ. All before the scene was even called EDM. Somewhere in the early 90's, these DJs will migrate to Orlando, play clubs, work with Disney, meet Kimball Collins and help in starting AAHZ at the Beacham Theater. If the EDM sound started in Chicago House, New York Garage & then onto Detroit Techno, then the O-Town Sound was the total package and the supporting Florida culture that followed made the scene in the late 80s early 90s a phenom place to be. Melbourne and the DJ's that hailed from there really deserve our appreciation.
The rest is Florida's Music History.

a mixtape from Club MARZ-1993

Tampa, Florida


Tampa Mixtape - 1996

Mixtapes was where the sound was.

Tampa's Hallucination & kaleidoscope records will become a national success. Tampa resident DJs Brad Smith, Huda Hudia & Three will criss cross Florida playing clubs all over the state. Tampa's Ybor City clubs like The Masquerade & the Impulse(eventually called Tracks) will play host to many resident & national DJ's. The city's annual Guavaween celebration in Ybor, becomes an annual event for clubbers all over the state. Also notable scene supporting Tampa area clubs, DNA, 911, Vertigo, the RUB, The Edge, The Parthenon, Club 1509. The five years between 1993-1998 were very fun years in Tampa.


Rabbit in the Moon will form in Tampa in 1992, via collaboration of performer/singer Bunny, producer David Christophere & DJ Monk. RITM will go on to be the biggest EDM live act in the nation. Throughout their entire career, Rabbit in the Moon toured extensively across the entire United States playing shows at countless venues and raves. RITM will remix songs by artists such as Depeche Mode, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Orbital, Smashing Pumpkins, Goldie, White Zombie, Delerium & Humate. All of which become popular vinyls used by DJs and radio hits around the globe..


Beacham Theater AAHZ DJs
Dave Cannalte, Chris Fortier & Kimball Collins

AAHZ DJ mixtape - 1995

Florida Record Labels & Acts

Cosmic Records - Friction & Spice

KRAM Records - Mark Harmon was the man not only behind KRAM records but the Zen Festivals as well. Like so many other scenesters that were attempting to capitolize on the Florida EDM dance scene, Harmon was a late-night Beacham Theater devotee and came of age during the evolution of house culture. When an opportunity arose to put on an dance event at J.J. Whispers, Harmon jumped at the chance and flew in a band from the U.K. called the Thursday Club to perform. He recalls a turnout of about 2,000 people. KRAM's collaboration group K5, records hit "Passion" which propells the label into the national movement. Rob-e & Mariner will become huge DJs for the label. KRAM & Rob-e will part ways after Zen 97.

Rainbow Bridge - I have three of their vinyl, wish I had more. RB was extremely creative & achieved local success. RB would headline at the Zen Festivals.

Tweak Records - DJ HipE. These vinyls didn't show up until the end of the 90s. They are fantastic. A dark, groovy, electro sound from Tampa Florida.

Bad Ass Shit Records - Prizm & Eclipse "SCREAM" - This track was a huge success for this duo. While these vinyls sort of eclipsed ( no pun intended) the Florida EDM movement, they were extremely creative. Prizm & Eclipse were definitely developing a unique and individual sound all to their own. Can't say enough about them, their label, their tracks or live sets.
Prizm & Eclipse "SCREAM"
The XMAS (93-94) & COZMOS (95) events were the first events that I saw. Both were held at the Orlando Convention Center. Thousands of Florida Natives showed up.

Club History

During the early 70s in New York City, disco clubs were places where oppressed groups of people and all walks of life could party without having to follow the male to female dance protocol or other common dance club policies. It brought together people from a wide variety of backgrounds. These clubs became safe havens for sexual difference and preference, allowing partygoers to dance in peace and away from public scrutiny. Disco was a genre for people to explore sexuality and push the envelope on the dance floor. Disco clubs acted as an escape from life's depressing environments and acted as the fantasy marginalized peoples could escape to forget oppression and racism. Disco clubs originally functioned as liberated party spaces and were seen as places of social and political statement.
The national voting age was lowered to 18 in 1971, the drinking age restriction was challenged as a result, leading states to enact legislation that reduced the legal drinking age to 18.The movie Klute (1971) depicts scenes of the early days of clubs. In Florida the legal drinking age was put back to 21 in 1983.

Disk Jockey Technology History

Technics corporation will invent the direct drive turntable SP-10 in 1969. Technics starts manufacturing it's model SL1200, which will feature a pitch control & tangential arm in 1972. The first known electronic DJ mixer dates back to 1965, it has been given the name "Rosie".  The earliest example of a mixer with a crossfader was designed by Richard Wadman, one of the founders of the British company Citronic in 1977. The Citronic model SMP101 had a crossfader that doubled as a L/R balance control that would fade and pan between two inputs. Improvements in mixers to achieve balanced RMS will quickly follow through to 1980. These inventions are on display in the London Science Museum as pieces of technology that changed the world.

1972 Technics SL1200 (note the small pitch control)

rosie mixer
"Rosie" the first DJ mixer 1965 (w/ XLR and RCA jacks)

oK let's pop your trunk and see what you got,
man... them be just groceries!
The Club @ FireStone
flyr 1994 - (note the party time)

live at The Club@FireStone - 1996


The Club @ Firestone is featured in  RollingStone 1997, as the premiere EDM club in the nation. By 1998 the club will be embattled in legal issues over Orlando's anti-rave laws & it's all night parties come to an end. The club still operates to this day. If you weren't there for Robby Clark and his crowd...well.. you pretty much missed it.
Winter Music Conference

The first Winter Music Conference took place at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott February 19-21, 1986 for less than 100 dance music industry insiders. The conference is now held annually in Miami Beach, Florida. The event currently commands a major international draw with around 38% of attendees coming from outside the United States. The conference serves as a platform for many underground and indie artists from over 70 different countries. In 2008, 3,726 industry delegates & 62,000 participants attended. Today, the WMC is the annual gathering for the global EDM scene and it's followers.

Alex Omes moved to Miami Beach, Florida, when he was 9-years old with his mother. He began his career within Miami's club and music scenes as a bouncer at the Cameo nightclub in Miami Beach during the 1990s. He then became a publisher of an electronic and dance music magazine called D'VOX.

Omes along with Russell Faibisch, will conceive the idea for a beachfront music festival. Together, they brainstormed the idea for a beachfront music festival to be held alongside the annual Winter Music Conference (WMC). The two business partners saw potential for a dance music event during the same week as WMC.

The first Ultra Music Festival is held on March 13, 1999, in Collins Park in Miami Beach's South Beach neighborhood with 10,000 concertgoers in attendance.  Rabbit in The Moon along with DJs Icey, Rainbow Bridge, Chris Fortier, Joe c, Rob-e, r-fresh, Mariner, & ak1200 were at the inaugural event.

Spacemen - 1999

otown bunny
After a night at Orlando's Club  Infinity on Lee Road, dancing to Chris & Perry Domingo "Love Club". Hanging out in the AM with the Otown bunny. Staying up just long enough for Bomb Threads  to open up, before heading back home. Wondering what became of the downtown bunny statue? If you know, please drop me an email and tell me about it?

Cyberzone - 1998
Dj Three


Dj Three (Christopher Milo) is an American DJ from Pittsburght who starts Djing in Tampa, Florida in the early 90's. His contributions to the early Florida EDM scene and it's sound are reknown to anybody who was part of the scene. He was there when it began and continued long after. Three played all over the state, with early career stops in Coco Beach at Marz, Tampa's Masquerade & Jacksonville's Club5. He will be a founding part of Hallicination Records and a contributing factor to many of the scenes in their respective cities. IMO, Three was very influenced by the underground dance clubs in Florida of 1988. By 1992, as rave culture started to blossom in Florida, DJ Three was one of the first names we came to recognize in clubs all over the state. 

DJ Three had this to say of Florida's early EDM scene & of being a Dj at the time...

"There was much more than meets the eye in Florida when it was one of the rave culture capitals of the US in the 90’s.".

"It wasn’t a career choice like now as much as something you just did, like being a skateboarder or a punk rocker, you were a raver! I was just really fortunate to have people respond how they did! And I never looked back… you also have to remember, There was no internet to promote. It was all just get out and do it."

West Palm Beach, Florida


Dynamix II, founded 1986 in West Palm Beach, Florida by David Noller and Lon "Ace in the Place" Alonzo, taking their name from an 80's analog mixer by Star Sound, the duo will produce the 1987 dance floor hit - "Just Give The DJ A Break".
Noller will alwayz rely heavily on analog synthesizers & vocoders to maintain his PHAT SOUND. From this came Scott Weiser - Jackal & Hyde!

Documentary about Britian's scene.

Images, Mixtapes & Video Notes

Mixtape mixes have been remastered using Wavelab software with added bass and increased gain only to compensate for age.

All images, mixtapes and videos are the property of their rightful owners with full rights reserved. I have posted links to some of the location from where I have found the media. Please email me if I have infringed in any way and I will comply to remove.

The material that I have used on this webpage represents a period between 1990-1996. This webpage presentation is a historical collage of the Florida DJ EDM movement for which I was blessed to be a participant, observer & enjoyer.

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